Hors d'oeuvres Buffet

Assorted Cheese and Crackers
Cheese Ball and Crackers
Chips and Dip
Strips and Salsa
Seven Layered Dip with Strips
Canapes with Ham and Cheese Cubes
Marinated Mushrooms & Artichokes
Fresh Vegetable with Dip
Fresh Relish Platter
Various Fresh Cut Fruits
Tortilla Roll-ups
Cream Cheese Spinach dip in Bread Bowl
(Swedish, Sweet & Sour, Italian)
Italian Bruchetta
Chicken Tenders (with BBQ Sauce)
Chicken or Vegetable Egg Rolls
Chicken Drummettes
(Teriyaki, BBQ, Sweet & Sour)
Mini Assorted Quiche
(Lorraine, Florentine, Monterey)
Stuffed Jalapeños
Stuffed Mushrooms
Coconut Shrimp

Choose any 5 selections either hot or cold (12 items per person)
Includes Coffee and Fruit Juice Beverage
$16.50 per person
Additional Selections
Shrimp on Ice with Cocktail Sauce $7.50 per person Stuffed Potato Skins $6.50 per person

Dessert Assortment
Eclairs, Cookies, Brownies, Gourmet Cakes, Cream Puffs,
and Chocolate Covered Strawberries (in season).
$7.50 per person                      choose 3 items

The Hors d'oeuvres buffet will be open for one hour unless
special arrangements have been made by your event coordinator